Code of Conduct


Any player on or off the field who touches or threatens an Official or sideline judge will be automatically ejected and could face further disciplinary action at the discretion of the league and it’s officials.
Any player urinating on school property will be subject to a fine.


To keep the GR Elite 7on7 League competitive, fun, and safe, players may be disciplined for any behavior that is contrary to our rules and code of conduct.

*Please note that the GR Elite 7on7 League reserves the right to determine what level of discipline is suitable for ANY misconducts or infractions that take place on and around the field of play– including suspension, ejection or fine.

The GR Elite 7on7 League takes multiple suspensions very seriously, receiving more than 1 suspension a season could result in a suspension for the season or ejection from the league. Flag Football can get competitive but we expect all players to respect their fellow players, the referees, league officials, and the sport.

Any player ejected from a game is automatically suspended from future play until an administration meeting (with or without captains) occurs, and only when the administration grants reinstatement.
Ejected players are no longer eligible to continue playing and must vacate the field.
Offences that may result in an ejection include:

  • Violent flagrant fouls.
  • Any continued agitation or provocation toward anyone on the field.
  • Any player who touches or threatens an Official or League representative.
  • A player may be ejected from a league game at the discretion of the referee, however, this does not always constitute a suspension.


Punishable misconduct: Objectionable Conduct – (Minor/Major at referee’s discretion)

  • Arguing
  • Swearing
  • Aggressive Play
  • Dangerous Play
  • Intent to Injure
  • Abusive behavior
  • Physical Altercation

Examples of disciplinary measures:

  • Fines (applicable to any player or team at league’s discretion)
  • Verbal Warning
  • Suspension
  • Ejection

Disciplinary measures apply to ALL individuals on and off of the field – this includes both players and referees. Sidelines and seating areas surrounding the field of play are included.


Any obvious unfair or unsportsmanlike act not specifically covered by the rule book may be grounds for ejection or disqualification – made at the discretion of the Head Referee.
Additionally, a Referee may enforce any penalty he considers suitable if a team or player is repeatedly committing fouls.
Personal fouls and prohibited acts will include (yet not limited to):

  • Deliberate contact with an opponent.
  • Unnecessary roughness of any nature.
  • Defenders cannot contact the arm/head of the passer. (Ten yards and automatic first down)
  • A ball carrier deliberately driving or running into a defensive player.
  • A defensive player deliberately driving or running into the ball carrier.
  • Abusive, racial remarks, derogatory terms or insulting language.
  • Any acts of unfair play.
  • Coaches, or others on the field of play, during a play.
  • Unduly interfering with a player while the ball is live.
  • Intentionally pulling or removing the flags from a player without the ball.
  • Any other flagrant, deliberate, or violent act outside the bounds of good sportsmanship.


  • Unsportsmanlike, Roughing, Unnecessary Roughness 15 yards
  • Objectionable Conduct – 10 yards (2 per player a game w/possible ejection or fine after 2nd) at referee discretion.

Field Etiquette:

Our Policy is garbage in, garbage out. Once you’re at the field, your team is responsible for cleaning up any mess that may have occurred in your area.
Any mess left by your team that the League has to clean up will be billed to your team. Our trash pick-up rates are $80.00/hour with a minimum charge of $40.00 regardless of the size of the mess left.
Remember that our fields are Elementary schools and city parks. Please dispose of anything that could be harmful to children after your game. Also, no urinating/defecating on school or park property as this can constitute a fine. The League will do its best to provide washroom access at the fields.


GR Elite 7on7 League promotes fairness, equality and respect in a safe and friendly atmosphere. If the league, at the administrations discretion, deems there to be enough reason, fines may be applied to any  member(s) or team(s) of GR Elite 7on7 League for a number of infractions that go against it’s rules and guidelines. Fines are NON-NEGOTIABLE and are required to be paid in full prior to the next game played by the penalized player(s) or team(s). If fines are not paid, the player(s) or team(s) in question will not be eligible to play the next game. If it is a team fine, the team in question will forfeit their next game. The following are examples and guidelines of potential penalty fines:

  • Missed Sideline Duty-Late without notice (Team)
    $25.00 per sideline official
  • Garbage Clean up (Team) (Minimum fine)
  • Objectionable Conduct – Minor (Player or Team)   (3 strike rule may apply at referee and admin discretion.)
  • Objectionable Conduct – Major (Player or Team) Fine may be applied at referee and admin discretion.
  • Team Absence without notice

– A team that forfeits without providing the league ample time to make schedule adjustments (48 hours) shall pay a NON NEGOTIABLE fine of $100.00