Game Ready Fitness Youth Development Programs aim to provide positive leadership to youth in the community. Young athletes are teamed with Professional and Olympic Athletes to provide them with encouragement and superior athletic training; doing so helps them build a strong mind and body by providing confidence and strength.


We provide positive role modeling to youth on a continual basis. Children learn how to be productive, positive, well-balanced, and physically-fit… they learn that they can accomplish whatever they put their minds to. We believe that every youth with a dream should be given a fair chance to achieve it.


At Game Ready, we also believe that Professional and Olympic Athletes living in our communities have an opportunity to provide knowledge, expertise and an extra push to enable youth to achieve their goals and that through our own previous trials and errors, we can provide valuable knowledge and training and enable young athletes to become leaders among their peers.


Game Ready Fitness helps young men and women become mentally and physically stronger by creating a competitive, high intensity environment. This keeps youth focused and driven to become mentally and physically stronger than they have ever been.


The Game Ready Commitment to Developing Children and Youth

Our programs are focused on improving physical literacy, fundamental movements and overall fitness of children and youth. The most recent research has shown that we in Canada need to increase children’s activity!


The 2014 Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card on Physical Activity for Children & Youth

  • Organized sports and plenty of places and spaces for activity may never make up for lost (active) time:
  • One study shows only 24% of kids got a full 60 minutes of moderate/ vigorous activity in one session of soccer, and only 2% got this at softball practice

Kids on hockey teams spend close to half of the time during practices in moderate/vigorous activity, but in an actual game they are sedentary nearly a third of the time.


In 2015 Game Ready will be working with experts and using the Canadian Sport for Life model to maximize the benefits for the children & youth attending our programs! We are emerging as leaders in the development of Physical Literacy & Fundamental Movements.


Our mission is to provide a safe, positive opportunity for all children and youth to build self confidence through fitness.


All youth regardless of socio-economic barriers will be able to participate in this developmental program, mentored by Professional Athletes, Olympic Athletes and Community Leaders.

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BC Lions • Sportcore Performance • ViaSport • Pacific Sport • Surrey Safe Schools • Kerrisdale Community Centre • Gilmore Community School • Bosa Properties/BlueSky Properties • Joseph Richard Group • Oxygen oga & Fitness • Kimz Angels • Washington Kids Foundation

Game Ready Athletes at the Next Level

Over the years, many athletes have used their Game Ready training to the achieve their goals of playing at the next level and received university scholarships. Here are a few:

  • Jaime Rourke, St Marys University
  • Makenzie Rourke, St Marys University
  • Molly Peters, Ryerson
  • Claire Eccles, UBC
  • Kara Williams, UVF
  • Michaela Crema, Trinity Western University
  • Alexis Jonker, Trinity Western University
  • Mikayla Funk, Thompson Rivers University
  • Olivia Cesaretti, Douglas College
  • Chad Treleaven, University of Manitoba
  • Jordan Linnen, University of Manitoba
  • Sat Jawandha, University of British Columbia
  • Jas Dhillon, University of British Columbia
  • Colin Samples, York University
  • Kofi Kuma Mintah, University of British Columbia
  • Joseph Kuma Mintah, University of British Columbia
  • Dylan Von Doelln, University of Manitoba
  • Jessica Bailey, Trinity Western University
  • Shay Reimer, University of New Orleans
  • Alex Lane, Hastings College
  • Cam Clark, University of Manitoba
  • Spencer Betts, University of British Columbia
  • Gideone Kremler – Simon Fraser University
  • Zairech Kremler – Simon Fraser University
  • Dante Carbone – University Of Calgary
  • Sebb Hansen – Queens University
  • Keelan White – University of Montana
  • Mahyar Hossini – Simon Fraser University
  • Kinneth Balucous – Simon Fraser University
  • Dawson Marchant – Simon Fraser University (’18 Grad)
  • Erik Dika – UBC
  • Kaiden Lilley – McMaster University
  • Chris Kongbo, McGill University
  • Teon Alexander-Amour, Saint Marys University
  • Ethan Croome, University of Manitoba
  • Anna Janzen, Kings University
  • Rebecca Garner, Columbia Bible College
  • Darby Dunn, Stetson University
  • Marlon Azurdia, University of Manitoba
  • Jamal Knowls, University of Calgary
  • Willie Watson, University of British Columbia
  • Malcom Lee, University of Reno Nevada
  • Christian Covington, Rice University
  • Zack Wilkinson, Northern Colorado University
  • Malcom Wilson Freeman, West Los Angeles College
  • Steven Lewis, Simon Fraser University
  • Jeff Lavis, University of British Columbia
  • Nick Termansen, University of British Columbia
  • Rudy Uhl, University of British Columbia
  • Blake Whitley, University of Texas
  • Jacob Oostindie, University of British Columbia
  • Dario Ciccone – UBC
  • Daniel Auld – UBC
  • Alex Wahl – U of Calgary
  • Daniel Gernon – Lower Columbia College; Longview, WA
  • Kirsten Kampman – Trinity Western University
  • Tamar Bill – Trinity Western University
  • Kohl Peters – Ryerson University
  • Grace McGilvary – Douglas College
  • Abby Smith – Douglas College
  • Mackenzie Alberts – St Marys University, Nova Scotia
  • Sami Janzen – College of the Rockies; Cranbrook
  • Sammi Lieuwen – Kings University; Edmonton