Game Ready Sports Association

Game Ready Sports Association

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Welcome to the Game Ready Sports Association! GRSA is an independent non-profit organization serving children, youth, and coaches through community development and outreach programs. Our mission is to inspire and support youth to be active agents in their personal development and leaders in our communities.


We offer outreach programs and community leagues for children and youth, including football, basketball, soccer, track & field, and baseball. We believe that participation in sports, mentoring relationships, and community engagement are essential to developing the necessary attributes for success.


Our celebratory events recognize achievements in sport, culture, and life, and we provide consistent access to opportunities and networks for children and families. The Game Ready Sports Association is dedicated to serving children and youth under 18, and we are committed to keeping more kids safe and off the streets.


Established in partnership with Game Ready Fitness, the Game Ready Sports Association brings together supportive resources for children and youth in multiple fields of sports and athletic communities.


Thank you for supporting the Game Ready Sports Association, the not-for-profit sports association of William Loftus Game Ready Fitness in BC. Together, we can inspire and support the next generation of community leaders.


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